Why isn’t the universe “hollow”?! Who Produced The Einstein Affair?

Is there an ether in the Universe? Or is there no ether, and the Universe is “empty”? Stated in a nutshell, if the ether exists, it would be possible to produce very cheap, almost free electrical energy. However, if the ether does not exist, then electricity would have to be produced using coal, oil, gas…, and, in more recent times, using the terribly expensive nuclear power stations. 

Today there is such an apparatus for fuel-free electricity based on magnetism. To the inventor Dennis Danzig. But you don’t know about him. The media is silent. At first glance, this is a purely scientific controversy. Scientists should have no reason to avoid a free discussion on the topic, and the media should easily make such discussions public. Behind this scientific controversy, however, are hidden enormous, monstrous business interests! And it is precisely these interests that have caused the ether to become a … scientific affair!

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In the name of world democracy – there should be no forbidden topics in science. 

Author: Mihaylov